City of Parks – A London Vlog

If there’s a city that has the power to captivate me as much as Vienna does, it’s London. Maybe it’s because the first time I was there was when I was 11 years old and travelling alone with my stepdad or maybe it’s because London has such a presence in all sorts of pop culture or maybe it’s because I love the language or maybe it’s all of these things.
I’m sure you know this and I don’t have to tell you, but I’m going to anyway. There really is no place like London. As of now I’ve been about 7 times, sometimes for just a day and sometimes for a whole week. And I want to go again. I’m going to go again. I don’t think my hunger for London will ever be satiated.

But long story short, this post is really about the last time I went to London. So last summer me and my boyfriend went together for the first time and since I take my camera with me almost everywhere I go, I did film quite a bit of our trip. And now, after months of not looking at the footage, I finally managed to put together this little video.

So here it is:

My first ever vlog.


I really enjoyed making this, so if you enjoyed watching my vlog, please leave a comment or a like or something of the sort. 🙂


NOTE: The past couple of months and weeks have been tumultuous, traumatising and heart-wrenching for the UK and London to say the least. My heart goes out to everyone who’s been affected by these horrific events. This post is about celebrating London, which I believe is especially important in times like these.

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